Official Logos

Updated 03 Oct 2010

We’ve created a set of standard VK Barnet Logos which can be used for documents produced on behalf of the club, mail-outs, newsletters, etc. These are provided in a range of formats for different software packages.

Download here: VK Barnet Logos

The accompanying ZIP file contains the following files:

  • VKBarnet_Logo_Black.emf
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Black.pdf
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Black (Large).jpg
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Black (Small).jpg
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Colour.emf
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Colour.pdf
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Colour (Large).jpg
  • VKBarnet_Logo_Colour (Small).jpg

Your computer should be able to open the downloaded ZIP file itself, but if not, you can get a free utility here to open and extract the files.

Let me know if you have any problems.

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